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Total investment from $14,950 +GST
Own your own Car Cleaning business and enjoy being a successful business owner in one of New Zealand’s leading industries for a personalised and professional service at the same cost as the non-mobile competitors.

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About The Opportunity

New Zealanders are realising now more than ever that keeping their vehicles in a clean and maintained condition, means their vehicle is able to retain value at a strong rate then if they were to neglect their car for longer periods of time. Currently, cleanliness is now more important than ever, and so keeping the interior of a car clean is paramount to healthy living. With all your equipment and training provided, this opportunity gives individuals who love cars and the outdoors an opportunity to mix their passions with an unlimited income.

Skills Required

Here at Pulse Car Cleaning, you don’t need to have a specific set of skills to start your successful business. Having prior knowledge and an understanding of cars is going to be a plus though! Pulse Car Cleaning provide an extensive training program which incapsulates the fundamentals of business and marrying it up with all the training that an expert car cleaner will need to become a successful business owner.

Marketing Support

Our head office team has marketing and promotion in our blood. We have a passion for advertising and working with individuals to see their thoughts and ideas be turned into marketing opportunities that will drive advertising campaigns and generate customers.

Pulse Home Services will expertly coordinate marketing campaigns to launch your business, which will include but isn’t limited to:


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