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Why Choose A Pulse Home Services Franchise

The home services divisions in New Zealand have grown exponentially as New Zealanders shift focus on spending more time with their families on weekends and afterhours. Families are seeking out home services to be performed by professionally trained individuals, which allows for them to focus on the important things in life. The growth of people working from home has allowed for more people to focus on their home and provide more attention to it, more than ever before…..

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Am I the right person for a Pulse Home Services Franchise?

At Pulse Home Services, the ideal franchisee is someone who is highly motivated and organised, someone who enjoys challenges and reaching goals others may think are unrealistic. Our franchisees need to communicate well with our head office team, customers and their family and friends. Having a support network behind you of friends and family to cheer for your success is always going to encourage you to be the best version of yourself. If you are open to learning new skills, can be a team player are up for the challenge and rewards that come with owning a business, then we think you are the right fit for us!

How much will I earn?

The income that a Pulse Home Services franchisee can earn is equal to, if not greater than, other service businesses due to the fact that the Franchisee does not have a huge loan of $30,000+ to repay to the bank, expensive leases, lead fees or other large overheads and therefore makes more PROFIT.

What makes Pulse Home Services stand out from the rest?