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3 Disadvantages of buying a franchise business and how they can be advantages

3 disadvantages of buying a franchise and why they are actually advantages

When considering whether to buy a franchise or not, most people tend to weigh up the positives with the negatives. They ask themselves, ‘what are the advantages of owning my own business as opposed to the disadvantages of owning my own business?’ This can be a long and arduous comparison that often leads to more confusion, so let’s simplify it with 3 easy points:

    1. Initial Cost of Franchise

      Most franchises can be $30,000 – $70,000 and upward which is going to be difficult to finance for the average Australian. The good news is that not all franchises have such a high purchase price, and you can earn back your investment within the first 6 months.

      One such franchise is Pulse Home Services which can be purchased for as little as $12,950 + GST. This is for a complete turn-key house cleaning business, though Pulse Home Services do specialise in other areas if house cleaning isn’t of interest to you.

    2. Restrictions in the Franchise
      Purchasing a mobile business over a bricks and mortar store means that you have fewer restrictions on the choices you wish to make. Choosing mobile means that you aren’t stuck with specific trading hours, or having to spend thousands on refurbishments or upgrades after wear and tear. One of the biggest appeals of owning your own mobile business is that your office is your car and your only restriction is yourself. No controlling manager or boss limiting you or your choices, which means that you can spread your wings and take your business exactly where you want it to go!
    3. Ongoing Investment
      Physical stores require you to inject ongoing finance to repair or replace when damage and use inevitably occurs. However with a mobile business your investments are typically tax deductions and can make a big impact come tax time.



If you’re interested in starting a business for yourself, but not by yourself then give the team at Pulse Home Services a call on 0800 787 434  or enquire online today to get more information. 

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